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For all schools, colleges and early years providers.

As a result of changes to the information the Council is required to submit to the DfE, we have reviewed our local attendance surveys.  From this week, the timing of the DCC attendance survey will change to Thursday, and we are reducing the number of surveys that schools with early years provision need to complete to one per week.

Please now complete the Education Settings Attendance Survey by 4pm every Thursday from this week. There are two minor changes to the survey – the removal of the question asking if anything changed since your previous submission and the collection of attendance details for children or young people on your roll with an EHCP and/or open to social care this week, rather than the previous week. We are expecting the DfE to make an announcement in the coming weeks which may require us to collect further information, and as soon as these are known we shall make you aware.

If you encounter difficulties then please contact 01629 536789 or email:

Important notes on the completion of the data collection

Question 1 is asking which category of setting you are – this is to pre-determine which questions require inputting and limits the amount of questions you will see.

Question 2 requires the entry of your establishment – this field cannot be made a mandatory field for a technical reason, however is essential to have completed.

Question 4 asks what type of early years provision your school has – once again this is to hide some further questions that might not be relevant.

Following this will appear a small number of questions depending on your setting (this return also covers other types of settings).

The final question asks if you have any children or young people on your roll with an EHCP and/or who are open to social care attending this week?

There are three options to answer:

None – which will ask you to submit the return

1 – 10 – this allows you to enter the child level information directly via the form.

10 + this will advise you to complete the information in Excel to send in via an alternative method and ask you to submit the form. This is to make information as easy to complete as possible. Please can you include pupil Forename, Surname, Date of Birth, and days attended along with the school name. The Excel spreadsheet needs to be sent into the LA via Perspective Lite using the following naming convention: 830nnnn_INFOdatareturn

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