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Guidance and advice for Schools regarding the use of Sports Coaches during the current period

The Authority has been approached for guidance from a number of schools who are considering commissioning sports coaches to provide activities for pupils during the Easter Break.

There is a major difference in terms of legal liability between commissioning a workforce to deliver programmes in school time as opposed to the school simply letting out a school facility for a holiday sports camp during a school holiday period.

In simple terms, where a school opts to provide an activity and contracts an external agency to provide that activity on behalf of the school then the school maintains control of the pupils and responsibility as well as duty of care to ensure that the premises on which the activity takes place are safe, the external agency staff are competent, and the activity is carried out safely.

Therefore schools which are commissioning activities will need to make sure that they have a responsible member of staff on site during all activity sessions and must follow all normal safeguarding, quality assurance and communication procedures. The Association for Physical Education (afPE) has produced the attached concise guidance for head teachers and other leadership staff responsible for deploying visiting support staff within physical education and sport (PES).

Further guidance and information can be obtained from the additional attached documents.

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