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Summary of transport services

Mainstream home to school transport

Following the national lockdown announcement on the evening of 4 January, the School Bus team has contacted all schools to request details of those students attending school who require transport. The team is also liaising with commercial operators about services where fare payers are transported. As the information is being received, the team is reviewing the contracted network and adjusting capacity, including for example, the merging of services where appropriate. If schools have yet to confirm which students are remaining in school, can they do so at the earliest opportunity and email details to:

SEND and Alternative Provision/Behaviour Support home to school transport

The SEND transport team has similarly contacted all schools and settings, requesting data on which children and young people are attending schools and colleges. Operators have been asked to continue with providing a service unless they have been instructed otherwise by the transport team. This is a large logistical task given that there are over 800 contracts at over 200 establishments, therefore we ask that schools and settings bear with the team while they review the transport requirements.

If schools have not provided the details of students attending can they do so at the earliest opportunity and email to:

Important information if a child is symptomatic and/or has a positive lateral flow test in a special school or support centre

Plans are being developed to provide emergency transport home in the circumstance where a child is tested positive at school or develops symptoms. This will only be implemented if the parent/carer is unable to collect their child, as this should be the default approach, in line with DfE guidance. Further details will be provided to special schools and support centres as soon as they are available. In the mean time if there are any queries relating to this, email:

Notification to transport teams if a child tests positive

If a positive case is confirmed of a child(ren) who is transported on school transport, please ensure that the transport teams are notified as soon as possible so that contractors can be informed if they need to seek a test or self-isolate. Email notification is preferable to the following:

Mainstream –

SEND/Alternative Provision/Support Centres -

Also see