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Education Settings: Public Health outbreak management support.

In line with Step 4 of the Government's plan and Schools COVID-19 Operational Guidance, updated 27 August 2021, the Public Health team has revised their support for Education settings.

Building on the positive relationships that have developed over the past year, in future there will be an increased emphasis by the team on working with settings on the overall prevention of a range of infections. However, the team will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases, by asking for a limited amount of case information. Direct contact with settings to discuss cases and outbreaks will be much reduced, being targeted to a limited number of settings. This will be based on the size and complexity of an outbreak, should one occur.

A shortened version of the COVID-19 Report form (previously Case History template) is available, which can be sent to Public Health for reporting, email:

Further detail about the infection prevention work will be circulated in future bulletins.

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