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Safeguarding advice and guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For further guidance on staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Derbyshire County Council website.

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy (addendum) – Important update

24 April 2020 –The Child Protection and Safeguarding policy (addendum) issued 9 April 2020 has been recalled and is now revised, in line with a recent change to DfE guidance not to record lessons taking place remotely.

Please use this new template and update your policy where necessary.

What has changed?

To incorporate the new advice not to record lessons taking place remotely, page 15 of the Addendum child protection policy template issued 9 April has been revised. The requirement remains to note down the length, time, date and attendees of any sessions held.

Schools can still record meetings, where video conferencing has been employed, in line with current safeguarding and data protection guidance. If you are unsure about this please contact Debbie Peacock or the GDPR for schools team;


What do I do?

The original policy has been replaced, but if you have already issued it, please amend the line on page 15 (you can amend in pen, sign and date) to reflect the change, and that lessons are not recorded.  

Why has this changed?

Policies are drafted in line with DfE guidance.  Against the background of the COVID-19 outbreak, the DfE has responded quickly to privacy concerns surrounding the original advice.

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Wider guidance on remote/offsite working, also relevant to lessons, will be issued shortly, and specific guidance on the use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms can be found in DPIA – COVID-19 Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Child Protection and Safeguarding policy - (addendum)

The government on the 27 March 2020 issued guidance to schools/colleges/education settings advising that they need to update their child protection and safeguarding policy in light of COVID-19, or develop an addendum to their existing policy summarising any key COVID-19 related changes.

The Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, through its education sub-groups, has developed a template for schools to use in developing an addendum to their existing child protection policy:  “Summary of any key COVID-19 Mitigation Planning, Safeguarding and Child Protection Changes, April 2020”.

It is strongly recommended you adopt this addendum for your schools/college/setting. If you have already created one, or have been provided with one by your trust, please consider the local information in this guidance, which is current.

This addendum will cover the whole period of school closure in response to COVID-19, including any gaps in training for DSLs, and will provide an update to support safeguarding training for staff. This will also mitigate for any delay in the KCSIE guidance for 2020/2021, as consultation has now been suspended on this.

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