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We would like to reassure schools that the risk and insurance section are working hard with the insurers - AIG - to establish whether cancelled school trips are covered.

Updates will be published as soon as they are received.

The Insurers will consider claims where schools trips have to be cancelled following advice from the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office). So if the FCO announces Countries that can't be visited and this affects a school trip, it should be possible to make a claim. Advice now from the FCO is against all but essential travel abroad, so if you have a school trip going overseas in the next 30 days we can submit a claim to the Insurers for consideration. The relevant claim form is attached to this page. This should be returned to the insurance section with the following: 

  • Copies of all the invoices relating to the trip, for example booking invoice, coach invoice
  • Copy of the itinerary (if there is one)
  • Confirmation of whether any refund has been provided by the Tour Company
  • Bank details for the payment settlement

For anything outside of the 30 days period or to ask about cover for UK trips, the Insurer also states that each claim will be judged on its own merits in relation to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions in force at the time of the loss. The only way to obtain a definitive answer is to contact the Insurer's helpline, details of which can be found on the attached document (the number in red type at the top of the page). If you do this, please inform the insurance section.

If someone decides not to travel of their own accord, there will be no insurance cover as the policy excludes "disinclination to travel".

If pupils are unwell and unable to attend a school trip, cover for cancellation applies in the usual way.

The school should be making the decision on whether or not to travel based on their own assessment of the safety of their pupils and staff in order to fulfil their duty of care, regardless of the insurance position.

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