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Guidance available from Gov.UK

It is recognised that schools are receiving a lot of guidance from the government and that it can often be hard to keep up – especially when you’re all so busy. So we have created an at-a-glance guide linking to the latest Gov.UK updates on key areas which may affect the day to day running of your school.

Guidance for schools during the coronavirus outbreak

Guidance for schools: coronavirus (COVID-19) - a collection of Gov.UK links to useful guidance

Contingency framework: education and childcare settings

Actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak

How can we keep school safe for staff and pupils?

Advice to minimise coronavirus (COVID-19) risks

Travelling to school safely

What are the rules around school attendance?

Usual school rules now apply around attendance but there is extra advice on:

  • Supporting pupils who are shielding or self-isolating
  • Supporting parents and children who are anxious about returning to school

Do pupils need to wear face masks in school?

Face coverings are no longer advised for pupils, staff and visitors either in classrooms or in communal areas.

What do we do if a student falls ill at school?

What to do if a pupil is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
Non-residential settings if a young person becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)

How can we support our students during this time?

Will we get a visit from Ofsted?

Ofsted assessment and accountability

Should we be running breakfast and after-school clubs?

Wraparound provision and extra-curricular activity

Safe working and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Full guidance for safe working and the use of PPE

Controlling infection in your school

Effective infection protection and control

When are we required to wear PPE?

Working safely and where PPE may be required

Working in residential or specialist settings

Care in residential settings

Working with children who display challenging behaviour or require close contact

Care for children with challenging behaviours

Do we need to wear PPE to administer first aid?

PPE and first aid

How should we dispose of PPE?

Disposal of PPE

Providing school meals

Should we be providing school meals?

Providing school meals during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Do we need to cater for pupils who need to stay at home?

Support for pupils who have to stay at home

Should school be providing universal free infant school meals?

Universal infant free school meals

How do we claim back extra costs of providing meals before summer?

Claiming for free school meal provision

Who is eligible for free school meals?

Free school meal eligibility

What further support is available to families?

Support for families

Supporting staff

Full school workforce guidance

What are the changes to induction guidelines for newly-qualified teachers during coronavirus?

Induction for newly qualified teachers

School exclusions

What are the rules around school exclusions?

Changes to the school exclusion process

Testing kits

Will our school have access to testing kits?

Test kit for schools

How do we order more testing kits?

Making an order for additional coronavirus testing kits

How do we store testing kits?

Storage of test kits

Developing the curriculum and remote learning

What should we be doing to teach children who are sent home to self-isolate?

Remote education expectations

Where can we find resources for remote learning?

Get help with remote education

How do we follow safeguarding procedures when planning remote learning?

Safeguarding and remote education

Special schools and other specialist settings

Full guidance for special schools and other specialist settings

How do we support children and young people with an education, health and care plan?

Risk assessments for children with education, health and care plans


Exams and assessments in 2021

Managing data safely

Data protection toolkit for schools

Privacy notice templates for staff, pupils and parents

Data protection privacy notice model documents

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