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Submission of the marks for the screening check for Year 1 and those Year 2 pupils required to be re-checked should be submitted no later than 21 June 2019.

It would be greatly appreciated if schools can submit their data as soon as possible before this date. This will enable the data team time to process the returns and resolve any errors or queries with schools before the end of the summer term.

All phonics results for 2019 (ie including both Year 1 and those Year 2 pupils who have taken the check) should be included in a single file.

Please ensure you have double checked your data before submission, this will save you re-submitting or the LA having to make amendments on your behalf.

Year 2 pupils

If schools are unsure how many year two pupils at their school should be retaking the screening, please check with Jennie Swift email: or tel: 01629 536440.

Threshold mark

The phonics screening check threshold mark will be released by the Department for Education (DfE) on Monday 24 June 2019.

If your school has already submitted your return by the time the threshold mark is released, please do not resubmit your return, as it is not necessary.

Further information about this collection will be published in due course.

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