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Secure Access is the key secure single point of entry system used by the Department for Education to give external users in education institutions and Local Authorities access to various Departmental IT systems.

It provides entry to COLLECT, School 2 School (S2S), Key to Success, Teacher Services (including the Database of Qualified Teachers), Get Information about Schools (EduBase), EFA Information Exchange, Analyse school performance (RAISE) and the Post-16 Portal.

Within Secure Access there are two types of user, ‘Approver’ and ‘End User’.

Within schools the facility to create and administer Secure Access accounts will be provided by the ‘approver’ role within each school. Schools are allowed to have up to two approvers.

The approver is able to add or edit End User accounts for their school (up to a limit of seven accounts) and will be responsible for controlling their access to the various DfE systems, even if the approver does not have access to these systems themselves.

End User accounts can log into Secure Access and can access only those systems (applications) that the approver has given them access to.

For more guidance please see the appropriate DfE guidance.

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