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Information relating to secure single point of entry to the Department for Education (DfE) systems such as COLLECT, School to School (s2s), Key to Success and the Governments 'Get information about schools' website.

To administer the secure access accounts in each school there will be one approver. The approver will be able to add, edit or remove other end user accounts for their school. They will be responsible for controlling their access to S2S, Key to Success and COLLECT, even if the approver does not have access to these applications.

Schools need to be aware of the importance of the approvers role within a school.

The approver is the person who has access to make changes to user accounts. If the approver is not going to be available for long periods or during key times they should make arrangements for a colleague to take over their role.

Approvers will have access to transfer their approver rights to an existing user account within their organisation. This will ensure that an organisation will not lose approver rights when, for example, the approver leaves the organisation.

In respect of the end user accounts it would be advisable for more than one person to be set up with access so that there is cover for unexpected absences. Unlike the approver role, which in schools is one person, there can be five end users set up by the approver.

Once end users have been set up by the approver, secure access sends an automated email to the entered email address with a link to activate the account. This link is valid for 48 hours. Users can then select a password, security question and answer.

Each of the tasks below can be accessed by the approver via the administration tab within secure access:

  • search for users (and view user account)
  • add new user
  • edit user account
  • archiving a user account
  • reset user's password
  • re-send account activation link
  • approver transfers their access rights
  • approver archives their own account
  • approver edits their own account permissions

The DFE has produced a booklet explaining in full the role of the approver and a detailed user guide.

If you have any issues with the secure access system please contact Jennie Swift, email: