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Setting up a new school user on SAP and OrderPoint.

School users access SAP and OrderPoint through the Remote Access Portal (RAP) which requires a secondary layer of security called Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

This is required for all users accessing our systems from outside of the network so we can meet the Public Sector Network Standards set by the government, ensuring the safety of data.

For MFA password issues contact service desk tel: 01629 537777.

To set up a new school user

Please follow this process and see the documents attached to this page in the related documents section.

1. User:

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app onto your device (see Microsoft Authenticator Download Instructions attached to this page).

2. School:

Complete the new user form (see New user form SAP and OrderPoint, attached to this page) which your headteacher should email to If you have more than one new user form to submit, please send each form on a separate email.

3. User:

Once you have been set up as a SAP/OrderPoint user, you will receive a confirmation email from the Service Desk. Ring the service desk on 01629 537777, option 2 for your initial passwords. You will then be able to log onto the systems.
Your access will expire after 90 days of inactivity, so please ensure you log onto the systems frequently.

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