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The internal order form should be used for ordering internal work between departments for example, work to be carried out by property services.

How to complete the internal order form inter/intra-departmental work request form

This is a generic form that is intended to be used by all departments and should include a departmental reference number which the receiving department can enter into their systems. The reference number should start with the requisitioners initials followed by a series of numbers starting at 00000 for example, TAE00000.

The UPRN is the unique property reference number and can be found using DMaps.

This is used for accurately pinpointing the location of where works are requested. This field should only be completed when placing internal orders with property services division.

A full and detailed description of the work requested should be entered onto the form including any quotation reference numbers that have been received relating to the work. If there are any associated drawings please make a note of the titles in the attachments field and submit them with the form.

It's essential that a charge code is entered and the form is approved by the appropriate budget holder or their nominee. Works will not be carried out until we have this information.

If you need any further advice on the completion of this form please contact the relevant departmental contacts for assistance.

For all SAP and OrderPoint queries, please contact the Budget Manager Support team via email:

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