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The Inclusion Pathways Team works countywide to support and provide education for children and young people when they are out of school due to reasons of exclusion, being at risk of exclusion, or as a result of their medical needs.

The team also supports children and young people who are new to Derbyshire and have a history of social, emotional and mental health needs. The service comprises four elements, managed by a Head of Service:

Integration Team; Tailor-Made Programmes Team; Out of School Tuition Team and Virtual Classroom. We have offices in Chesterfield, Ilkeston, Ripley and Somercotes.

The IPT’s multi-disciplinary approach is well established and ensures support to young people and their families, often facing exceptionally challenging circumstances, with a shared focus on re-engagement with learning and a successful return to education.

Contact details for the team

  • Chesterfield - tel: 01629 537277
  • Ilkeston - tel: 01629 531651
  • Ripley - tel: 01629 535295
  • Somercotes - tel: 01629 533596

Head of Service - Julie Griffiths
tel: 01629 531651

Integration Team Manager - James Radford
tel: 01629 531651

Tailor-Made Programmes Manager - Rosemary Chambers
tel: 01629 533596

Out of School Tuition Manager - Jacqui Webb
tel: 01629 535295

Virtual Classroom Manager - Peter Wheatley
tel: 01629 537498

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