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A managed move is the transfer of a pupil to another school on a trial basis, when the pupil is at risk of permanent exclusion and their behaviour is causing serious concerns.

It enables a pupil to have a fresh start in a new school, with the support of their family and both their home and new school.

The guide to managed moves, which is attached to this page, includes advice on first steps, flowcharts of the process, arrangements to be made, transport, who to notify, how to record and what to do at the end of the managed move.

In previous years the Deferred Exclusion Transfer (DET) process has existed as a preventative strategy if a major one off incident warranting permanent exclusion had occurred. However, in accordance with the new DfE exclusion guidance that came into effect from 1 September 2017, the DET protocol will no longer be an option for new incidences that have occurred from 1 September 2017.

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