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Information about the provision of childcare in Derbyshire.

We have a legal duty to assess the provision of childcare in Derbyshire to determine if there is sufficient childcare available, as far as is reasonably practicable, to allow parents or carers to access work, education or training. As part of this requirement we publish our findings in an annual childcare sufficiency assessment.

The Early Years and Childcare (sufficiency) service strives to ensure there are sufficient, high quality, affordable and accessible early years and childcare places for children and young people 0 to 14 years to meet the needs of families in Derbyshire.

This includes:

  • analysis of data to determine supply and demand and, where there is demand, working in partnership with schools, private, voluntary and independent (PVI) childcare providers to assist the creation of new early years and childcare provision - managing the childcare market
  • contracting with early years providers from the PVI sectors for the delivery of funded nursery education and undertaking contract compliance visits
  • providing a help line for parents or carers, in particular those of eligible 2 year olds
  • marketing and promotional activity to encourage the parents/carers of children under 5 years to take up a free entitlement nursery education place.

For further information, please email: or tel: 01629 539319 and ask to speak to a member of the sufficiency team.

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