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Points for consideration before undertaking the contracting process.

In order to provide and claim the early entitlement funding, providers must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions set out in Derbyshire County Council’s provider agreement, which is based on the government’s statutory guidance. The list below contains a few, but not all of the points in the provider agreement:

  • use of an online provider portal to submit funding claims within given deadlines
  • retaining financial and supporting documents for compliance checks
  • agreeing to compliance checks, in order to confirm claims are accurate
  • ensuring all confidential documents are stored securely and on-line portal passwords are not shared

Contracts for new providers are issued on a termly basis. Therefore, if you are interested in delivering the funding, it is important that you plan ahead. This is to enable you to return the requested documents, so we may complete the contracting process in readiness for you to start claiming the funding from the following term.

How to become a contracted provider

Contact the contracts and compliance team email:

The sufficiency team will make contact with you and forward an email requesting documentary evidence.

Documentation required

The required documentation is:

  • copy of Ofsted registration certificate
  • copy of Insurance certificate and schedule
  • evidence of your HMRC unique tax reference code
  • bank details - we strongly advise childminders open a separate account for their childminding business, to keep their personal affairs separate
  • completed user access form (a Derbyshire County Council form to enable providers to access the portal)
  • signed provider agreement (issued by Derbyshire County Council)

What happens next?

On receipt of the above documentation, the provider agreement will be signed on behalf of the local authority.

The local authority will then notify you once the contracting process is complete to enable you to start delivering the early entitlement funding.

Please note, we provide a text messaging service. Therefore, in order for you to receive important and up to date information, please ensure you provide a current mobile telephone number.

Key guidance

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