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The PEP format for Derbyshire children in care from early years (aged two) up to key stage four changed in September 2014.

New PEP and pupil premium

Please look at the PEP guidance documents related to your age group as well as the new quality assurance process to ensure you are aware of everything you need to know about filling in our PEP documentation for the children in care in your school.

If you have any queries please contact a member of the virtual school team who works with the children in your school.

Please note that the PEP documentation has been slightly amended. Please use the updated documentation. The tracking and attendance pages have now been taken out and you must attach tracking and attendance records to the PEP.

The pupil premium template has also changed so that a review of the previous term spend can be made. For any queries please contact your virtual school representative or a PEP administrator.

All completed PEPs should be returned to Lynn Steventon via the schools secure area. Please ensure that all files are labelled in the following format where the DfE number for your school should replace 9999 and the date (​20140822) be amended accordingly, for example, 9999_VS_PEPLS_20140822.

Please delete all old PEP documentation formats from your systems.

For more information, queries or feedback about the new format, please email: or tel: 01629 538028.

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