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Information regarding learners with English as an additional language.

Funding to meet the needs of English as an additional language (EAL) learners is devolved to schools. However, the county council has entered into partnerships with Stockport and Nottinghamshire Councils to deliver training to Derbyshire schools.

Stockport council’s Ethnic Diversity Service (EDS) offers telephone advice to Derbyshire schools during the 2017/2018 academic year, this is financed by the county council at no cost to schools. The EDS office number is tel: 0161 477 9000 or email:

Schools wishing to have more intensive support can join the Stockport EDS partnership programme at a cost of £1,000. This is the same rate as Stockport schools. EDS’s partnership programme offers best value for money and gives schools reassurance that support is at hand when required. Partnership Schools are able to access the expertise of EDS, get unlimited telephone advice, receive up to 10 hours of support. The 10 hours of support can be used flexibly, as needs arise, from the following list:

  • rapid response for new arrivals, advice, assessment and induction planning
  • school and family liaison around vulnerable groups such as refugees and asylum seekers
  • advice on improving outcomes for EAL pupils, particularly those making slower  than expected progress
  • English language assessments and reports (maximum three assessments for two hours)
  • in-school training (maximum of three hours)
  • strategic planning around EAL with a nominated school lead
  • information, advice and guidance on other cultures and faiths
  • one discounted place at EAL network meetings

For further details about becoming an EDS Partnership School please contact the EDS office:
tel: 0161 477 9000

Or for Nottinghamshire EAL support email:; tel: 0115 854 6440

For further information about EAL support in Derbyshire contact Sue Mills, Business Services Officer, Inclusion Team: Tel: 01629 536453; email:

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