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The purpose of this consultation is to outline the current financial transparency arrangements for academy trusts and maintained schools, and to consider possible changes.

22 July - 1 October 2019

Financial transparency of local authority maintained schools and academy trusts - Government consultation

Launch date: Wednesday 17 July 2019

Respond by: Monday 30 September 2019

The DfE has published a consultation on proposals aimed at improving the financial transparency and accountability of maintained schools and local authorities.

The consultation provides a section for identifying any increase in costs likely to be experienced by either local authorities or the school if these proposals were introduced.

The DfE welcomes your views on the new measures that we are proposing to implement across the local authority maintained schools sector.

Before completing this survey, please read the guidance documentation.

To help with the analysis of the responses, please use the online system wherever possible if, for exceptional reasons, you are unable to use the online system please use the Word document attached to this page and return via email to:

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