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Derbyshire Catering Service is running a vegetable sculpture competition to all schools who would like to take part.

15 - 29 November 2018

This is purely voluntary and for fun, we would like pupils to create a sculpture made from fruit and/or vegetables. They can be any theme, shape or size and there will be a small prize for each entry.

The competition will take place on Thursday 15 November during National School Meals Week, we would like all participating schools to ask pupils to bring their sculptures into school for the Head teacher and the Catering Supervisor to judge and to choose a winner for your respective school. If you would like to enter your school please contact, Becky Clarke who will send you a poster to display in your school:
tel: 01629 535692 

On the day: 

  1. please choose a winner and take a photo (no children’s faces please)
  2. make a list of all pupil names who have entered
  3. email: sending a photo of the winning sculpture and the number of prizes you would like for your school
  4. prizes will then be sent to your school for you to distribute

The closing date for all entries will be the 29 November 2018. After this date, an overall winner will be chosen from all the individual schools winners and will then be notified, the main prize will be educational games based on food for the school to share.

Photos of entries and details of the winner will be displayed on the My School Lunch website, where you can also find more information.

Also please do not hesitate to contact any member of the catering team. Alternatively, you can telephone the Matlock office on tel: 01629 536704.

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