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Prevent is a Government strategy to protect people and communities from the threat of terrorism.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on anybody working with children and young people to be aware of the their duty to stop people from being drawn into terrorism.

We recognise that schools are in an important position to identify the early signs, looking to safeguard and protect children and young people who are susceptible and vulnerable. We recognise the need to respond in taking appropriate action to prevent extremist views and ideologies developing alongside providing a broad curriculum.

Our parents and carers also need an understanding of the issues being well informed of our efforts at every opportunity in order that parents and carers are clear about how the school will deal with such incidents including how the curriculum and ethos underpins actions.

Effective engagement with parents and family is also important as they are in a key position to spot signs of radicalisation. It is important to help and advise families who raise concerns and point them in the right direction for support.

We have further information on HM Government Prevent strategy.

To request the Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board extremism policy please contact Ruth Hunter, email:

Safer Derbyshire is a multi-agency partnership based at County Hall, Matlock. Its aim is to reduce crime, disorder and the fear of crime in Derbyshire by providing support, advice and leadership to partners and communities.

Counter terrorism training is available from Safer Derbyshire.

Educate Against the Hate gives teachers, parents and school leaders, practical advice and information on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.

A Prevent referral form can be downloaded from Derbyshire Constabulary Prevent Team. It should be used to report an individual who is considered to be at risk of radicalisation.

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