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We provide two different types of free support for schools, general road safety support to help pupils learn vital road safety skills and help to provide the Smart Rider cyclist training.

Road safety support

We provide support for all schools in Derbyshire to develop learning opportunities about road safety and for pupils to learn vital road safety skills.

Key topics covered are:

  • pedestrian safety
  • in car safety
  • people who help us
  • independent journeys
  • decision making (secondary schools)
  • attitudes and behaviour (secondary schools)

We offer:

  • loan boxes for nurseries on key topics
  • resource packs to support key topics
  • road safety officer led workshops (infant, junior, primary and secondary schools only in areas where there are high numbers of child casualties)
  • theatre in education programme for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools
  • young driver education days (years 12 and 13 only)
  • support for planning and implementing road safety into curriculum time
  • support to develop a set programme of road safety activities over the school year

Smart Rider - child cyclist training course

If you can find the volunteers we can help you provide the Smart Rider child cyclist training course for your pupils.

We offer free training for your volunteers. The instructor training course will fully prepare your volunteers for training your pupils. The training courses last approximately three hours and are held at various locations throughout the year.

We provide all Smart Rider instructor and pupil paperwork, high visibility clothing and signs free of charge. At the end of the course we also provide each pupil with a certificate.


All our road safety services are free to schools in Derbyshire.

More information

Further information is available from Vanessa Ball, senior transport officer for road safety development, email: or tel: 01629 538060.