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Information and resources for schools regarding modern slavery.

Modern slavery is a huge global problem and an umbrella term for all forms of slavery, trafficking and exploitation. Modern slavery knows no borders, where people of all ages and races can be victims. It is one that won’t be solved without everyone coming together.

  • there are an estimated 43 million victims in slavery across the globe
  • 11,700 are potential victims in the UK (National Crime Agency 2017) 
  • as of March 2018 a quarter of the victims of modern slavery in the UK are under 18 years old.

Children, teachers and parents are not always aware of the dangers. With support from the UK Anti-slavery Commissioner and Department for Education, modern slavery lessons have been created by The Clewer Initiative (Church of England) and The Just Enough Group as a way to share our resources for schools.

The materials were launched nationally at Lambeth Palace in October 2018 with Derbyshire and Derby City Councils being one of the first areas to formally launch the resources into schools. 

The materials are compatible with the national curriculum for all Key stages 1 to 5 and supports the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Regulations in addition to promoting citizenship in a global context. Using the materials will equip staff to be more aware of the issues, feel confident to deliver in the classroom and teach the children or young people about exploitation.

It is an excellent demonstration for the school or educational setting of Safeguarding within the curriculum in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Free lesson plans are available to download from the Modern Slavery Education website.

The Clewer Initiative has also created a Safe Car Wash app, which is a new tool that will enable the largest community intelligence gathering exercise ever attempted in the United Kingdom.

The national modern slavery helpline exists for any one reporting and seeking advice and support, and also has further useful information on its website.

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