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Posted on 19 March 2020

In the light of the rapid developments associated with the management of the viral pandemic, the following arrangements are being rolled out from Wednesday 18 March 2020.

Child Protection Conferences will not take place in the usual format until further notice.  However, all partner agencies will continue to have a critical role in ensuring that children continue to have appropriate risk management plans in place by continuing, where possible, to contribute to the information and planning around risks to any child deemed to be suffering from or likely to suffer from significant harm.

Partners are being advised that they will be invited to Initial Child Protection Conferences in the usual way and that there will continue to be an expectation that they contribute by submitting reports in the usual manner. The invitation to an initial conference will provide agencies with the date, time and identifying details of the children and families and indication of concerns in the usual manner.

The meetings will be ‘virtual’ rather than’ face to face’ and there will continue to be an expectation that agencies send in a report a minimum of two days ahead and make themselves available in the timeframe stated and in the case of Reviews previously diaried so that the Conference Chair can call them to discuss the children and issues of risk, enabling partners to contribute to the review of the issues and therefore help the Chair formulate a plan based on the information shared by all parties.  If for any reason there would be difficulty in meeting these expectations the Conference Service should be alerted via  email: or on 01629 531926.

Please ensure that a phone number is provided for the Chair to make contact with you. Send an email to or on 01629 531926.

Following the process the Chair will create a Summary, Outcome and Outline Plan based on professional contributions which will be sent to participants with the plan being provided to parents or carers by the social worker.

Should there be a need to amend these arrangements you will be informed.

Many thanks for your support.

K M Barden

Assistant Head of Child Protection

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