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Posted on 17 January 2022

We are very mindful of your heavy workload at the moment but wonder if you have a few moments to look at our scoping project.

Following the immense amount of work, you and your local communities have undertaken in the last two years, schools are much better placed to deal with the risks associated with infectious diseases.

However, you and your staff may like to know more about common infectious diseases and the risks of spreading infection within your school, how to reduce those risks and how to help prevent an outbreak of infection affecting the young people you care for, your staff and the wider community. Outbreaks of infection can impact, not only on the education and socialisation of children and young people, but may also disrupt routines of childcare and affect parent’s ability to attend work etc.

The Derbyshire County Council Health Protection team can help. Clear understanding of how infections can easily be spread within communities like nurseries/schools/colleges and how simple interventions can reduce that spread are vital. By helping us to understand your specific needs and expectations, we can tailor training and resources to best meet your requirements.

Please complete our Training and Knowledge Needs assessment to let us know how we can help you keep yourselves, and the children you care for, safe.

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