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Posted on 26 May 2017

The digital childcare service is open to parents who wish to check their eligibility for the 30 hours extended entitlement. Access to the system will be staggered based on the child's date of birth. Check your eligibility at access childcare support through the childcare service

Before you offer an extended early education place, please ensure the code is validated. You will need to ensure you have obtained written consent from the parent to verify the code. Until the online portal is available you will need to contact us. We will use the Department for Education's eligibility checking service (ECS) to verify codes. Please contact the team tel: 01629 539316 or 01629 539317 or 01629 536511.

If you are planning on providing extended entitlement, you will need to arrange access to the online portal to carry out your checks. Please complete the nomination of access to funding section of the provider portal form attached to this page and return it to:

Derbyshire County Council
Financial Services
Room 268
County Hall

Each nominated user will need to provide a unique email address for which the nominee is the only authorised user. This should be your SAP email address.

Further information relating to our policy on individual user authentication can be found in section four of our password policy.

Parents should be encouraged to apply for the extended entitlement the term before they wish to claim their place as the parent can start claiming their additional hours the term following the date on which they received their code.

Parents will need to reconfirm their eligibility around every three months. Therefore please ensure any parent applying for the entitlement in May reconfirms eligibility in August in preparation for a September start.

If you have any queries please contact financial services, email: or tel: 01629 536511.

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