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Posted on 22 June 2023

Severn Trent Green Recovery Project, funded by Ofwat, is offering free water audits to schools in Derbyshire until March 2025.

These are delivered by Severn Trent’s contracted supplier Aqualogic.

An audit visit will take around one hour, depending on the size of the site. A report will be written and shared with the school. This can then be reviewed, and if improvement measures have been suggested, arrangements can be made with Aqualogic to install these at no cost during a subsequent visit.

The audits and installation of water saving measures are all free. This process may include:

  • meter checks / monitoring to check for leaks
  • installing new urinal control units (or fixing existing ones) to help reduce constant flow and money being wasted
  • replacing taps with modern self-closing push taps to avoid leaking taps
  • servicing existing taps to ensure use of the most cost-effective ones
  • installing cistern displacement devices to reduce flush volumes
  • converting existing cisterns into dual flush cisterns to reduce flush volumes
  • providing personalised tips and tricks to reduce water use and save cost.

To book your free audit, contact:

Or complete a water audit form

Visit the Severn Trent website to find out more.

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