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Posted on 14 September 2017

Derbyshire Community Health Services School Immunisation Team is aware that an email, questioning the safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been circulated to some local authorities and secondary schools.

Extensive reviews of HPV vaccine have concluded that the vaccine has an excellent safety record and does not cause a range of chronic illnesses.

The HPV vaccine for girls aged 11 to 13 years helps protect against cervical cancer. Almost all UK women under 25 and millions of girls worldwide have received the vaccine. There is already evidence from Australia, Denmark, Scotland and England that the vaccine is making a difference. There has been a large drop in the rates of infection with the two main cancer-causing HPV types and the vaccine is already demonstrating longer term protection. We expect it to eventually prevent hundreds of cancer deaths every year in the UK.

Further information on HPV vaccine including guidance addressing the myths of HPV, questions and answers guidance and a useful leaflet are available from

Should you have any further concerns please contact the School Immunisation Team on tel: 01283 707183.

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