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Posted on 8 May 2018

Schools can take advantage of this contract in one of two ways:

Option one

They can arrange for the collection of IT equipment directly with IT Efficient who will charge a fixed amount for each item’s disposal. There are two types of disposal on offer Standard and Secure.

How will it work?

  • The school contacts the contractor to arrange a collection.
  • The contractor parks their vehicle in the agreed location.
  • The contractor signs in at the collection point and will show proof of identity
  • The contractor collects the disposal items (they will bring appropriate equipment to transport equipment from the building to the vehicle).
  • School staff check equipment off site by completing, with the contractor, a Waste Transfer Note / Hazardous Waste Consignment Note, as appropriate, which contains a description of the waste collected and the relevant waste codes.
  • The contractor subsequently sends the school a CSV file containing, as a minimum, the manufacturer, model, serial number and asset number for each item removed from site. This will document that each item has been received by the contractor at the point of collection and has also been received at the processing facility.
  • The contractor informs the school as to how each item has been processed and the end destinations of all the waste streams.

Please note that the first time you want to use this service you need to contact:                   

Shane Linthwaite (Commissioning and Contracts Officer)
tel: 01629 538978 

Shane will arrange for you and IT Efficient to sign an award letter to confirm that you accept the terms of the contract.  He can also provide a full price list and the quoted price for the disposal of any item not listed.

IT Efficient are committed to sending no waste to landfill. As far as possible they will remarket equipment and refund 75% of any generated revenue. Items not suitable for remarketing are broken down and the components are recycled. Alternatively, if there is any concern that an item may still hold data, IT Efficient will shred it.

The contract with IT Efficient is scheduled to run for three years with the option to extend for up to two further years. Prices will remain fixed for at least the initial three year period.

Option two

Alternatively you may use Derbyshire County Council’s IT Support Service for Schools Disposal Service.

Schools can either raise quote requests for waste ICT electronic equipment to be collected and disposed of in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations and safe data handling processes, or call IT Support on tel: 01629 537777 option 1 and let us know what needs collecting.

Equipment will have hard drives removed at base and processed through our drive crushing machine. All other components are processed with IT Efficient for collection and disposal. More details can be found on Services for Schools.

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