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Posted on 7 October 2020

The Macclesfield Museum have an inspirational collection of loan boxes for schools, which can be used in your classroom to support delivery of the National Curriculum in an exciting way.

Seeing real objects allows pupils to use all their senses, such as touch, sight and smell, often leading to a more memorable experience. The loan boxes are a great way to bring a subject to life and enhance classroom-based learning.

Boxes are available linked to Ancient Egypt, The Silk Industry, the Victorians and WWII.

Boxes can be booked for half a term for £45 or a full term for £75.  Use of them in the classroom can be complemented with one of the virtual visits, also offered by Macclesfield Museum.

Further information can be found on the Macclesfield Museum website.

Alternatively you can contact them via email:

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