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New FFT Aspire pupil tracking system for primary schools.

Aspire Pupil Tracking

FFT have launched their new Aspire Pupil Tracking system for primary schools. In order to access this schools must:

  • Ensure you have an active Aspire subscription, you won’t be able to access Aspire Pupil Tracking without one.
  • Ensure you can log-in to your accounts and know who your Aspire set-up users are. The users with Aspire set-up will be the ones to get Pupil Tracking configured for your school.
  • Ensure you have an active Aspire Data Exchange connection – this is a crucial part of pupil tracking and schools won’t be able to use tracking without it. School administrators can click on the Aspire Data Exchange link on the homepage to choose a data exchange connector (Wonde or Groupcall).

Aspire Pupil Tracking will be free to all schools with KS1/KS2 pupils until March 31st 2020. From April 2020, the pricing for Aspire Pupil Tracking will be £1 per pupil per annum. Primary schools will be expected to subscribe to Aspire through the LA and then purchase Aspire Pupil Tracking from FFT.

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