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Guidance, documents and forms to support the graduated response for individual pupil initiative.

We have launched an exciting new initiative under the special educational needs and disabilities reforms. This will allow schools to access higher level need funding without the necessity to request an education health and care plan for pupils with significant barriers to learning.

Derbyshire's GRIP initiative is for pupils with significant special educational needs in primary and secondary schools.

GRIP gives pupils access to specialist services, as appropriate, such as support service for special educational needs (SSSEN), at this earlier stage and gives schools the earlier opportunity to reduce barriers to learning for pupils.

If an application is successful, schools will receive GRIP funding straight away, without the 20 week assessment period for an education, health and care needs assessment (EHCNA).

Schools will be able to submit documentation directly to show that a pupil's needs and barriers to learning require additional funding, above the resources normally available to them.

The GRIP funding will give schools and parents and carers the opportunity to be more flexible in how pupil support is best delivered and a range of interventions can be considered. Parents and carers must be fully involved and agree the GRIP plan in partnership with schools.