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Pre-reviewing and reviewing tools are used for assessing in a person centred way.

A person centred review puts the child or young person at the heart of the review. It uses person centred thinking tools to explore what is happening from the child or young person's perspective and from other people's perspectives.

This results in outcomes and actions for person centred change, and ensures that a range of people are involved when the review is happening, and that their views and ideas are recorded in a structured step-by-step way.

Pre-reviewing tools should be used to help a child or young person and others involved to think about and prepare, acting as a vehicle to import information in an easy to understand format to be shared as part of the person centred review.

The pre-review and person centred reviewing tools have been developed in Microsoft Word so they are really easy to download and use and can be changed and personalised as required.

The Involve Me guidance available from Mencap also contains information which you may find useful.

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