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The Support Service for Special Educational Needs (SSSEN) information and guidance.

The Support Service for Special Educational Needs (SSSEN) works directly with pupils with statements of SEN or education, health and care (EHC) plans and graduated response for individual pupil (GRIP) plans in primary schools within Derbyshire.

Our role

The service aims to ensure the inclusion and achievement of children and young people with special educational needs and the building of expertise and capacity within schools in Derbyshire, in line with current local and national strategies.

What we do

The service consists of approximately 90 full time and part time specialist teachers, including the head of service, and is organised into seven area teams.

SSSEN provides weekly support to the child and school and liaises regularly with parents and carers. Progress made towards objectives and outcomes, recorded in the child's statement/EHC/GRIP plan, is evaluated and reported at the review meeting. The SSSEN teacher will recommend if the service should cease based on the child reaching their age appropriate expectations or meeting the statement objectives/EHC/GRIP plan outcomes. The decision to withdraw SSSEN support is made following the recommendations of the SSSEN review report in line with SSSEN criteria.

Whilst there is increasing flexibility as to the amount of time a child is allocated, depending on their needs, the majority of children or young people who receive support from SSSEN are allocated up to 90 minutes support weekly during term time.

SSSEN provision is specified as the following on statements of special educational needs or EHC plans:

  • Additional teaching, advice and support will be delivered in school by a teacher from the SSSEN team. This will give learning opportunities on at least a weekly basis.

The service works in partnership with schools, parents and carers and other professionals to deliver a high quality teaching support service which will maximise personalised learning and promote individual inclusion for all children.

Criteria for support and referral routes

The criteria to receive support from SSSEN are:

  • the child must attend a maintained nursery, infant, junior or primary school
  • have a statement of special educational needs or EHC plan or a GRIP plan with SSSEN named as required provision on it
  • education must be the child's primary need

Support from SSSEN is agreed when the child has significant barriers to learning and complex learning needs that meet SSSEN criteria.

Monitoring and review

We have an annual service development plan linked to the children's services plan which is reviewed annually in our service report. The seven teams are judged annually by link advisers from the education improvement service using Ofsted criteria. Evaluation is undertaken with schools, parents, pupils and other agencies on an annual basis.


Belinda James, head of service

Tel: 01629 532722

Write to:

Support Service for Special Educational Needs (SSSEN)
Derbyshire County Council
Peter Webster Centre
Sheffield Road
S41 8LQ

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