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Information and updates related to TAPS.

Temporary Additional Pupil Support and Tailor-Made Programme funding

Temporary Additional Pupil Support (TAPS) is a source of funding available to support children and young people of school age in Derbyshire schools, whose behaviour places them at risk of exclusion (either fixed or permanent).

A panel meets every Wednesday morning and consists of:

  • representation from Virtual School (primary and secondary)
  • representation from the Inclusion Team
  • representation from Behaviour Support Service
  • representation from the Tailor-Made Programme Team.

There are several key things considered by the panel when making their decisions:

  • The referral will need to evidence the extent of the behaviour and how it is impacting the inclusion of the child and putting them at risk of exclusion.
  • It is also expected that there is evidence of how the school has supported the child or young person up to the date of referral using the element 2 funding (£6000). The referral form enables this to be clearly communicated.
  • There should be a clear plan to demonstrate how the TAPS funding will be used to support the child’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs and reduce the risk of exclusion with appropriate interventions. Any adult support should be specifically planned and purposeful.
  • Where pupils are only attending on a part time basis, or attending a Support Centre this will be taken into account when considering the level of available TAPS funding to school.
  • TAPS funding is not available for children with GRIP or an EHCP.
  • TAPS can be used towards funding a Tailor-Made Programme (TMP).

A new referral form has been designed to enable all of the appropriate information to be included within it. However, if you have any queries about the referral process, please email: