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The national award in Special Educational Needs Coordination.

Do you want to achieve a nationally recognised award as a special educational needs coordinator (SENCo)? Join us at the University of Northampton for our SENCo programme.

Completion of the course has been mandatory for the teacher designated as the SENCo since 2009. New SENCos must gain this qualification within three years of taking up their SENCo post.

It may also be relevant for those aspiring to be SENCos or those who were already in the post of SENCo prior to 2009 and wish to pursue accredited professional development in this area. Completing the course entitles candidates with 60 credits which can be used towards an MA in SEN and Inclusion.

The programme is taught by experienced senior lecturers from the School of Education's Centre for Education and Research (CESNER) alongside council personnel with expertise in SEND.

The overall aims of the course and more information is attached to this page.

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