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Guidance to support newly qualified teachers (NQTs), future early career teachers (ECTs), their headteachers and mentors.

Derbyshire local authority currently supports NQTs through their one-year induction period in schools across Derbyshire.

From September 2021, the early career framework (ECF) reforms will create a step change in support for ECTs, providing a funded entitlement to a structured two-year package of professional development.

Appropriate Bodies (ABs) will continue to play a key role in the induction period for ECTs and will have an additional quality assurance role regarding the professional development programme undertaken by ECTs. Further guidance on the induction for newly qualified teachers is available from the GOV.UK website.

It is important to note that the ECF does not replace the requirement for schools to register with an AB but will run alongside it.

Derbyshire County Council will act as an AB for the schools in Derbyshire. We will continue to use the NQT Manager website as the main administration tool and as such, schools will continue to be able to use this for both ECT registrations, assessments and all previous functions.

The Derbyshire AB service will be managed by Catherine Harris and will remain your main contact regarding queries, support requests etc. Equally, you will be able to contact the NQT Manager helpdesk or via the email address:

NQT Manager is a completely online system, which allows you to complete the entire induction process digitally. The system will allow you to register your NQTs and complete assessments on the internet. You will no longer be required to fill out paper registration and assessment forms.

The system can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. This means that for example, NQTs and tutors can work on their assessments at home, out of school hours if necessary. You will access the NQT Manager using a secure username and password. All data is secured using the technology used by e-commerce and banking websites.

Access the system via the NQT Manager webpage. If you have a new NQT and have not previously received login details, you will need to register yourself. This can be accessed from the blue box titled ‘Register Your School’ and following the instructions provided. For security reasons, we will need to check your details, and this can take up to 48 hours before you’ll be authorised to use the site

All future assessments need to be completed on our new online system, NQT Manager.

Currently, NQTs need to register with an AB and for this service our charges are £80 per term per NQT. There is a 30 % discount for small schools with less than 120 pupils on roll and schools/academies which have five or more NQTs.

Our pricing structure from September 2021 will be changing. This information will be published shortly.

For any queries regarding your NQT’s induction/assessments or technical issues such as login issues and guidance using the website please contact the NQT Team:
Tel: 01629 532805

Guidance manuals for headteachers, tutors, induction coordinators, school administrators and a general NQT guidance manual are available from the NQT website.