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We are fully committed to working with all its schools and settings in order to improve the quality of provision and outcomes for all young people in Derbyshire.

A vital factor in our journey to excellence is the deployment of successful leaders who can facilitate effective school-to-school support. System leaders are people who work with schools outside their own. We are already actively deploying senior and middle leaders through brokering partnership arrangements between schools. Evaluations of the impact of such support have been positive for all schools that are involved.

A key strand of system leadership is the use of national leaders (NLE), local leaders (LLE) and Derbyshire leaders of education (DLE). These are all successful headteachers who work alongside other heads to drive forward improvements and build leadership capacity. Their main focus is to enable partner schools to build capacity for sustainable improvement through coaching. The precise role, however, is flexible and based on context.

The schools most likely to benefit from such support are those where the headteacher would benefit from peer challenge and support to ensure impact in key improvement priorities. A new headteacher would benefit from assistance in the transition period to maintain momentum in their school's improvement; the headteacher is looking to develop fresh perspectives on issues presenting considerable challenge.

The current national criteria for becoming an NLE or LLE is that you must be a serving headteacher with a minimum of three years' experience, at least good outcomes in school achievement and Ofsted measures, and a successful track record of school improvement. Headteachers should be prepared to travel anywhere within the region, which may mean supporting schools in a different local authority. National induction training is available to NLE and LLE.

In Derbyshire, we have already deployed NLE and LLE to support leadership in schools causing concern and priority schools. We also have a group of DLEs who have been trained and accredited locally, who have an agreement with their governors that they will be available to support other schools in Derbyshire local authority. More recently, we have extended opportunities for system leadership by appointing a number of associate link advisers: headteachers who have been seconded part-time to carry out the full range of challenge and support functions of a local authority adviser.

In addition, we are keen on providing support to governing bodies through national leaders of governance (NLG). Currently, there are only 3 NLG in Derbyshire and we would like to encourage more applications. To be eligible, you must be an experienced chair of governors with excellent leadership skills and a track record of contributing to school improvement through the effective leadership of a governing body. The next application round dates will be published as they become available.

Contact details for more information

You can find out more information about system leaders on the Gov.UK website.

For further information about Derbyshire national and local leaders of education/ governance, please contact:

Tim Dutton, Senior Adviser for School Improvement
tel: 01629 532761.

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