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There are a number of resources available on SchoolsNet relating to sustainability, waste minimisation and recycling.

These resources are available to all schools in Derbyshire. Your school does not need to be taking part in the Eco Schools programme to use these.

What we offer

Currently there is no Eco Schools or Waste Education Officer, but these resources are designed for you to use as standalone sessions or as part of an Eco Day or project.

The resources are divided into:

  • Workshops and activities for KS1
  • Workshops and activities for KS2
  • Workshops and activities for Secondary Schools
  • Whole School Projects on waste and recycling
  • Useful links to other resources

Get composting

Schools can have two free compost bins. If you would like to receive these please contact:

Louise Bradley, Waste Development Officer

These are available to all schools in Derbyshire which have not already received them. There is project information on how to use your compost bin on the project resources webpage. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we are not currently offering visits to the Materials Recovery Facility. This is to ensure social distancing at the facility can be maintained. It is hoped that these will recommence in the future for schools which use the Corporate Waste Contract with Veolia. 

We are also not currently offering the Waste Watchers Theatre and Workshops as this requires contracting and arranging ten months in advance and we really do not know at this point how things will be for next January, February and March. It is hoped that as things settle down into a ‘new normal’ we will be able to review how best to offer an equivalent service. 

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