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Providing support to develop learning opportunities about sustainable living.

At the Eco Centre we provide support for all schools in Derbyshire, whether they are formal Eco Schools or not, to access learning opportunities about sustainable living, particularly reduce, reuse, recycle and waste minimisation. All of these activities are offered free of charge to schools in Derbyshire. 

What we can offer

An Eco Day

A day of workshops and activities with a waste, recycling and environmental theme for KS1, KS2 or KS3. This can provide activities for a whole school, whole Key Stage or whole year, depending on the size of the school.  This is provided free of charge for schools in Derbyshire.

The Waste Watchers Theatre and workshops 

A professional theatre company delivers a theatre performance to the whole of Year 8 (or through negotiation Year 7) followed by a rolling programme of workshops for the whole year, including one or two groups at a time. Larger schools may request this for two days. This is provided free of charge for schools in Derbyshire.

A visit to support the school to waste less and reuse and recycle more 

While we cannot offer to lead changes or provide a huge amount of practical help, we can share best practice and tried and trusted solutions to particular issues to support school teams taking this forward.

A visit to support the Eco Schools co-ordinator

Assistance with planning and assessment for Eco school awards.

Visits to the Materials Recovery Facility where their recycling is sorted 

This is only offered to schools which subscribe to the 'Corporate Waste Contract' service.

Bespoke teacher training workshops and events

These workshops focus on delivery of particular individual school projects.

Get composting - Offering two free compost bins to schools

These are available to schools seeking to compost their garden and other compostable waste.

Derbyshire recycles 

Our service is tailored to the specific needs of Derbyshire residents and therefore we do not offer these services and workshops to schools outside Derbyshire where there will be different waste and recycling priorities.

More information on the topics covered:

If you wish to discuss any of these topics further, or to book on to any of these offers, please contact Anne Welch, Eco schools officer email: or tel: 01629 539792.