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Information and guidance primarily intended for Derbyshire Local Authority (LA) maintained, foundation and voluntary schools.

We are very grateful to you and your staff in making every effort possible to keep schools open and following the current advice from the DfE.

We know that schools are working hard in their cluster-groups to maintain continuity and we’re asking schools to consider doing everything they can to stay open for certain key year groups and for vulnerable pupils. We know that some schools are re-allocating staff across schools or using supply agencies to cover gaps for this vital provision.

Before considering closure, Heads of Special Schools should contact Paula Williams, Assistant Director for Learning, Access and Inclusion, by email:


Headteacher HR Guidance - COVID -19

Throughout the Pandemic, the HR Advisory Service have provided guidance to Headteachers on the implications for staffing through regular FAQs.  The advice that we have provided has been collated into one guidance document which we hope will help headteachers to access the information quickly and easily.

This document is updated regularly as rules change and the latest guidance is available to subscribers to download from the HR (Advisory) page on Services for Schools.


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