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Guidance and fire management procedures

The county council continues to respond to government requests for information and will act in accordance with government advice. We have responded to The Education and Skills Funding Agency's request for information relating to schools with residential facility.

Concern is being focused on residential buildings, 4 storeys and above due to the greater associated risk.

It is important to recognise that the risk factors in high rise residential accommodation is much greater than in a low rise, non-residential building, with well­ maintained and managed fire safety procedures.

Importantly the school should note the following in managing risk:

  • ensure that the operational fire risk assessment is up-to-date
  • ensure fire management procedures are in place
  • ensure that fire doors are appropriately maintained and working effectively
  • ensure that all testing and maintenance of fire alarms, emergency lighting, and firefighting equipment is up-to-date
  • ensure procedures for evacuation are well practiced and recorded
  • ensure that escape routes are free from combustible material and are kept clear

The Department for Education requires all local authorities to confirm that fire safety precautions are in place. As a matter of urgency please complete the form attached to this page and return it by email to:


Any actions arising from the completing of this form will require addressing as a matter of urgency, with appropriate records kept in your fire risk assessment folder, in your red box.

The government is establishing an independent expert advisory panel to advise on any steps that should immediately be taken on fire safety.

As further detail and advice is provided by the appropriate authorities, technical bodies and the advisory panel we will of course undertake a review to determine any affected schools and implement a subsequent course of action. Any buildings deemed to require further investigation will be contacted directly.

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