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Perspective Lite is the solution for the secure transfer of confidential documents.

Perspective Lite secure portal, has been set up alongside the SchoolsNet website for the secure transfer of any confidential documents and files. A user guide is attached to this page.

Documents uploaded to the LA

Please can you ensure that files uploaded to services at the LA are correctly named with the appropriate service code as stated in the user guide. This enables documents to be delivered to the correct service in a timely manner and avoid any data breaches by going to the wrong service. If you are unsure of the service code required please contact the relevant Service or to clarify.

Login to Perspective Lite

School users with login credentials, will be able to access any secure content transferred and upload any documents requiring secure transfer to us. School users include the headteacher and other school personnel nominated by the headteacher.

Please note we need live school email addresses for individual nominated users, as we do for the SAP for schools system. This is because we need to ensure access to personal information on the secure portal is only being given to authorised named individuals.

Email addresses that begin headteacher@, info@ and enquiries@ are not valid email addresses, as in many schools they can be accessed by multiple users, and neither are home email addresses.

Essentially we are expecting you to use the individual work email addresses supported by your school internet provider. For example those ending in or equivalent. If you are a SAP for schools user you can use the email address you use for that system.

If your school has any issues with login credentials for the secure portal please email: and we will provide you with guidance on what you need to do.