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RM Integris is the school management information system, supported by the children's services, school training and support team.

The Snippet

The school training and support teams newsletter, full of tips and information. Check for the latest version of The Snippet, which, along with previous newsletters, can be found on the  school training and support area of S4S. You do not need to be logged on to S4S to read the Snippet, but you do need to be logged on in order to access links to pages within S4S.

RM Integris guidance

Guidance for RM Integris is available on RM Integris training and support area of S4S. Once logged in, go to communication > resources > RM Integris training and support resources. There are links to the guidance.

Get Information About Schools (GIAS) and Pupil Census

GIAS is the replacement for Edubase and is part of Secure Access. The Edubase site has now closed. We strongly suggest that you periodically make sure that your school details held in GIAS are up to date and your login credentials for Secure Access are valid.

Fields for nursery settings

There is documentation to support the 30 hour funding and census fields within RM Integris on S4S.

This guidance will help schools update nursery student details. Schools should note the request for applicant National Insurance number towards the end of the guidance.


To view dates or to book a place on a training course please visit the RM Integris training and support area of S4S.

RM Integris charges

The 2019 to 2020 charges for both RM Integris support and the licence cost are now available to 'buy now' on Derbyshire Services for Schools S4S.