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RM Integris is the school management information system, supported by the children's services, school training and support team.

The Snippet

The school training and support team periodically publish timely newsletters which are full of tips and information. Check for the latest version of The Snippet, which, along with previous newsletters, can be found on the RM Integris training and support: Newsletter page on S4S. You may be prompted to log onto S4S to access this and links to other RM Integris pages on the S4S site.

RM Integris guidance

Guidance for RM Integris is available on RM Integris training and support resource pages on S4S. Once logged in, go to resources > RM Integris training and support - resources area, where you will find links to our pages on the right-hand side that contain guidance documents.


To view dates or to book a place on a training course please visit the RM Integris training and support area of S4S.

DfE Sign-in

DfE Sign-in replaced Secure Access. Please ensure that the correct personnel have access to the site at key times of the year, in particular at times of pupil movement or in readiness for Census returns. More information can be found on the DfE Sign-in page.

If the DfE Sign-in 'Approver' for your school is due to leave, please ensure that they pass this role to another member of staff before they leave to ensure continuity, as it is a much longer process to sort afterwards. Schools are also advised to utilise the option of a second 'Approver' in case a situation arises where it is not possible to predict an 'Approvers' absence.

The Pupil Census

Pupil census dates usually follow the same pattern every academic year. The autumn census is on the first Thursday of October, spring census is the third Thursday in January and summer census is the third Thursday in May. Guidance for each census is published on the RM Integris training and support Census page on S4S

Contacting the Team

You can contact the RM Integris Training and Support Team by email: or by calling tel:01629 536789.