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Documents and guidance related to Autism Outreach.

Autism Outreach is a team of specialist teachers in Derbyshire. It is set up to promote the inclusion of pupils with autism in mainstream settings.

The aim of the service is to increase the capacity of staff in schools and maintained early years providers to make appropriate adjustments for children with autism. It may not always be necessary to refer a pupil with autism. This will depend on skill levels within the school, including the prior experience and training of staff, and on the needs profile of the individual child. The child must have a medical diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder to be referred to our service.

The role of the outreach teachers is advisory and does not include direct teaching of pupils.

Support can include:

  • observation of pupils
  • advice to staff - including recommending strategies, materials, and resources
  • attendance at meetings 
  • liaison with parents and with other professionals involved with the pupil
  • advice and support at key stage transfers
  • facilitation of liaison between settings to observe good practice and to provide peer support
  • school based training on inset days or at staff meetings

Referrals should be made to Autism Outreach by the school. They are assessed by a panel of professionals who then make decisions on how to proceed. Parents must be informed of any referral and must have given their permission for Autism Outreach involvement.