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Helping to achieve best practice in safeguarding children within Derbyshire, ensuring that every Derbyshire learner attends a 'Good' or 'Outstanding' Ofsted rated school.

Safeguarding audit for 2020 to 2021

Members of the Derbyshire Safeguarding Education Sub-Committee have agreed the section 175 audit for schools to complete in 2020/2021. It has been agreed by the DDSCP (Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership) that for 2020/2021 there will continue to be different section 175 audit templates for Derby City. This is an audit for Derbyshire schools, colleges, private independent and alternative providers.

The Derbyshire School Safeguarding audit has been updated to reflect Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership priorities and also reflects some new changes to help schools:

  • Keep abreast of expectations both nationally and locally in how to help children and young people meet their needs and in keeping them safe in your setting.
  • Ask key questions around the governance of safeguarding
  • Know when some sections do not apply to post 16
  • Respond to the need for early help
  • Raise awareness on child sexual abuse in the family (Interfamilial abuse)
  • Have notes at the end of each section to help you note the evidence, and the location of this
  • Collect and store data section to help you collect important safeguarding data, to share with governors, the DDSCP and Ofsted.

In line with this update, we have updated the recommended Safeguarding Portfolio Contents list for 2020/2021.

Can we take this opportunity to remind you we have an excellent tool - “New to Role” to assist with new staff who are taking designated lead responsibilities, however this can also act as a refresher for existing staff.

We are unable to update the model CP policy and contents lists for your portfolios until late August/early September, as we are still awaiting details of any changes being made by the DfE, and in particular the draft KCSIE 2020/2021 which is currently on hold. As soon as these are available we will share with our schools and review/update the documentation. In the meantime we will provide a further update to the addendum we offered in April to help keep your policy up to date and to cover for longer.

Please ensure you send in a copy by email or post to either Debbie Peacock or Ruth Hunter by May 2021:

Email: or

Please contact them for advice around using the audit and any issues from completing this.