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Posted on 14 September 2018

Including humanism in religious education (RE) lessons is an excellent way to teach about a non-religious worldview. Teaching a diverse range of beliefs and values helps schools develop the whole person. All young people, with or without religious beliefs, deserve guidance on ways to discover truth, meaning, and happiness in their lives, and how to judge what is right and wrong. Where schools teach about non-religious worldviews alongside religious beliefs, young people who are not religious can become more engaged with RE as a whole. 

The Humanist Supplement has been agreed by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) for both Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council and provides information and resources on humanism linked to the units of the Derby City and Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus.

Further resources and support, including information on how to book a school speaker, can be found on the Understanding Humanism website.

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