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Assessment and non-statutory moderation Summer term 2021

Early Years Foundation Stage

Although all statutory assessment activities and external moderation has been suspended this year, it remains that schools should use their ‘best endeavours’ to complete the EYFSP. Schools will need to ensure that meaningful, accurate assessment in the EYFS still takes place to assist with the transition of children into year 1 and also to support teachers in reporting to parents at the end of the academic year.  

Our team of both Early Years Officer (EYO) moderators and trained, experienced school based moderators will be offering support to schools through non-statutory moderation activities and 1-2-1 sessions to answer any assessment questions and to provide advice on good quality assessment over the remainder of the summer term.

Opportunities for early years practitioners to share in moderation activities; whether across the county or through bespoke cluster sessions are available to book via S4S. In addition, half hour 1-2-1 assessment surgeries for specific questions or queries and for practitioners to seek advice for assessment in the absence of statutory processes are also available to book via S4S.

During the moderation activities, the national exemplification materials will be used.

(Please note that these materials are for schools that are following the current EYFS Framework)

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (Years 2 and 6) 

Whilst all statutory KS1 and KS2 assessment has been cancelled for this year, we know that schools will still want to make end of key stage assessments to inform parents and to support the transition process; whether this be in-house for primary schools, or with the children’s next schools in the case of infant to junior schools or from junior / primary to secondary schools. 

Trained local authority moderators will be offering 1-2-1 assessment surgery sessions designed to support year 2 and year 6 teachers in making reliable end of year judgements. They will provide teachers with opportunities to discuss any queries or questions and assist in discussions about the standards. Year 2 will focus on reading, writing and mathematics. Year 6 will focus on writing.

Exemplification materials and guidance documents for both KS1 and KS2 are available to schools to assist with making assessment judgements at the end of each key stage.

Pre-key stage standards 

Guidance documents for the pre-key stage standards available from the GOV.UK website, including:

A video on the new pre-key stage standards in primary schools is available on YouTube.

Key stage 1 

Guidance documents for key stage 1 available from the GOV.UK website, including:

Key stage 2 

Guidance documents for key stage 2 available from the GOV.UK website, including:

Future Shape Education Work stream – Assessment 

Please also note that the Future Shape Education Group has devised an ‘Assessment Menu’ which includes a range of materials schools may find helpful regarding assessment. This can be found from the direct link sent via the secure portal.

Please do contact any of the assessment and moderation team with any bespoke training or moderation requirements. A full menu of assessment and moderation opportunities will be available for schools to consider during the latter stage of the summer term in preparation for the new academic year.

Donna Hodgson
EYO EYFS Moderation

Yvonne Pearson
KS1 Moderation

Julie Parker
KS2 Moderation

Nicola Smith
Moderation Manager Senior Adviser for school improvement

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