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Mode of travel data to support local transport and health policies.

As the data is still necessary to plan, implement, support and provide evidence of the effectiveness of transport and health policies in schools, we would like to continue to collect it locally using Modeshift Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition for Schools (STARS) each autumn term.

Sustainable modes of travel strategy

This briefing note is intended to provide information and instruction to schools in Derbyshire and is related to a statutory duty incumbent on all local authorities throughout England. It is intended that, by complying with this duty and by utilising the cooperation of schools, we will be able to provide useful information to parents in terms of how to access more active, healthy forms of travel to and from school.

For your information the Department for Education recently re-issued the home to school travel and transport guidance, which details this statutory duty of the local authority to promote the use of sustainable travel and transport.

This duty requires the authority to produce a sustainable modes of travel strategy that is a statement of our overall vision, objectives and work programme for improving accessibility to schools and will be an important source of information to parents on the travel options available to them when expressing their preferences for particular schools in the admissions round.

It is our intention to produce and make available a guide for parents that will highlight the sustainable travel options for travelling to school in Derbyshire.

In order to achieve this and to comply with the statutory requirements we need to complete an assessment of travel needs and an infrastructure audit and it is this that requires your kind co-operation.

It is our intention to use the Modeshift STARS scheme to collate and monitor this information.

STARS is a national awards scheme to which all schools in England are registered. This registration has been funded by the Department of Transport and so is completely free to schools and has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

Whilst a number of Derbyshire schools are already signed up to this initiative it is our intention to encourage those yet to do so to follow this example. The more schools we get on board the more complete and informative the final strategy will be for parents and other users.

With this in mind and as alluded to above we would, therefore, very much appreciate your cooperation with regards to the following information:

Mode of travel survey

Data is required for the actual and preferred mode of travel for at least 80% of pupils and full time staff at school.

This can be completed as a hands up survey on the Modeshift STARS page.

If your school has not already done so, please register and log on to the Modeshift STARS website.

Go to the cog button and select ‘add new survey’ to enter the preferred and actual modes of travel. For ease and a single entry you could tally up the figures for the entire school and add them all in one go. In this instance type in “whole school” where it asks for the class name.

Schools that recorded and entered their pupil mode of travel to Modeshift STARS as part of travel smart week in either October or May do not need to repeat this exercise again for pupils.

We would appreciate this being completed annually by the end of June at the latest.

Travel Smart week 2020

Due to the difficulties some schools seem to be having accommodating bikes and scooters on site due to access arrangements affected by COVID-19, the October Travel Smart Week campaign will be cancelled and resume in May 2021.

However there are still lots of other sustainable travel campaigns running throughout the year as detailed in the attached planner, including National Clean Air day on 8 October 2020. If you are able to take part in this or any of the other campaigns please promote and share this activity with us via Twitter.

Remember to record your participation in any sustainable travel related activities that you undertake in the Modeshift STARS system to help maintain your school travel plan.

Similarly please update your Modeshift plan accordingly if there have been any changes in infrastructure in and around you school, for example, new cycle storage, improved walking or cycling routes.

If you require any further information or you would like further details please do not hesitate to contact the sustainable travel team, email:

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