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The proposed admission arrangements for maintained schools in Derbyshire for the 2025 to 2026 school year.

Parents, carers, local residents and businesses are all being invited to give their views on planned changes to admissions at a number of schools across Derbyshire.

The council has opened up consultation for anyone who may have an interest in alterations to a school’s pupil intake or normal areas.

Own Admission Authority schools

As an own admission authority school, you will have all of the duties of an admission authority and will therefore be responsible for your admission arrangements as required by the School Admissions Code.

In Derbyshire, we are keen to maintain the well established arrangements with schools that are already their own admission authorities, and to secure well understood and efficient ways of working with schools that become academies in the future.

In accordance with the School Admissions Code (2014); when changes are proposed to admission arrangements all admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements that will apply for school applications the following school year. Where the admission arrangements have not changed from the previous year, there is no requirement to consult subject to the requirement that admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period. 

All admission authorities must determine admission arrangements every year, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required. Admission authorities must determine admission arrangements for entry in September 2025 by 28 February 2024.

Admission authorities must email a copy of their admission arrangements for entry in September 2025 to before 15 March 2024 and publish them on their website. 

If your school has become its own admission authority in the current academic year, you have not consulted on your arrangements and will continue to follow Derbyshire County Council arrangements for the 2025 - 2026 academic year. In this instance, please can you submit a letter on headed paper to us no later than 14 March 2024 confirming the above.

Please email if you have any queries on this.

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